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Grant Application

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The Billy Walker Jr. Foundation serves to carry forward Billy’s dream by offering grants to eligible applicants.

Carrying Forward Billy’s Dream
Billy passed away on May 30, 2011 at the age of 21.  From the time he was a little boy, Billy Jr. dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps as a firefighter.  Billy Jr. had a natural desire to help others.  He started his firefighter career early serving alongside his father as a junior firefighter with Cherry Hill, New Jersey Fire Department.  After high school, he enrolled in fire school and volunteered as a firefighter at the Cherry Hill Fire Department, the Pennsauken Fire Department and the Maple Shade Fire Department.  He was employed by Exceptional Medical Support as an EMT in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  While still a young man, Billy Jr. stood tall among his peers ready to protect those in need.  When he wasn’t working, Billy Jr. was a devoted family man and had a great love of family, friends and community that went unmatched.  He loved helping others as a first responder with the fire department and as an EMT, and took great pride in his duties. Billy Jr. would be very proud to have another aspiring first responder fulfill his or her dreams in his name.  He was an inspirational young man and will be dearly missed by all.

Mission Statement
The Billy Walker, Jr. Foundation is dedicated to helping others reach their dreams of becoming a first responder. This non-profit organization was established in memory of Billy J. Walker, Jr., who loved serving his community as both an EMT and volunteer firefighter. The family and friends of Billy Jr. created the foundation in his name to continue Billy’s legacy of helping others. The foundation will enable others with the same dreams as Billy Jr. to receive the support to fulfill those goals.

Foundation Objectives
1. Raise funds through annual events to support applicants that wish to bring recognition to the field of Fire, Emergency Medicine and Law Enforcement.
2. Contribute to individuals that want to pursue the same type of dreams that Billy Jr. had and the same character traits of work ethic, dedication, enthusiasm and desire to become a Firefighter, EMT or Law Enforcement Officer.

The awards are presented at the annual foundation social and recipients are requested to be in attendance.

Please find a link to the Grant application CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your interest in Fire, Emergency Medicine and Law Enforcement.





  1. Jessika Foy says:

    I personally was not.friends with billy but I know many that knew him and only.have positives to say on they way he impacted their lives. I do remember the day he was taken because I happened to be with a mutual family friend and I saw how that simple phone call in the early hours of the day changed someone I have known since childhood. I now have been brought into his close circle friends do to being in a,relationship with one they all reminisce greatly of the life that Billy.lead and they are excited for me to.experience stories that he told.of being an EMT. It is.sad that a great man was taken from such a great profession and I would en honored to be part of.something that he loved to.do because like him I have the giving soul that wants nothing more then to be the first to help those.in need. I have filled.out.the application and given it to.Mrs. Phillips to.pass on to you.

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